Lifeguard Uniforms

Lifeguard Uniforms

We now have a large inventory of Lifeguard Uniforms and carry lifeguard apparel from multiple major brands. Whether your agency is in need of full uniforms for the lifeguards or uniform accessories, we have it all and it ships the same day. We can customize any Lifeguard Uniform piece and now have popular brands that include: The Original Watermen, KEMP USA, Adoretex, TYR, Dolfin, Maui Rippers, and many more options.

Lifeguard Hats

Lifeguard Hats. The lifeguard hat has been a staple of sun protection and beach wear for a long time now. Characterized by a wide, full brim they offer optimum UV protection. We also carry Lifeguard Visors and Lifeguard Caps. All of these can be customized for your agency and come in a variety of colors.

Lifeguard Shirts

We have Lifeguard TShirts to meet all of your needs. Our uniform inventory includes: high-quality 100% cotton lifeguard shirts, dri-fit lifeguard shirts, and long and short sleeve options. All of our apparel have many color combination options and are inexpensive with superior quality.

Lifeguard Boardshorts

Browse the latest styles of men’s lifeguard shorts and boardshorts. The Original Watermen full-length lifeguard board shorts are comfortable and durable for everyday use. We carry Men’s and Women’s Lifeguard Boardshorts with sizes, styles, and colors to fit all tastes and preferences.

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Lifeguard Uniforms and Apparel

Lifeguarding Classes LLC is your one-stop shop for Lifeguard Apparel, uniforms, gear, equipment and more. Shop our wide variety of products online and order today. Most uniform pieces are customizable for your lifeguard agency and are available in multiple colors.


So, if you have questions, you can contact us. Or, contact the provider of each course. You can also register directly on the provider’s webpage. As a result, this website is a one stop shop. So, if you are looking for lifeguard courses and other safety training including CPR, AED, First Aid, BLS, and OSHA classes we have what you need.

You my also shop our website for Lifeguard Uniforms and Apparel. We carry multiple product lines of lifeguard boardshorts, shirts, jackets, hats and other Lifeguard Gear.

And, we also encourage you to follow our blog. Several times each week, industry related articles, editorials, and latest industry news will be posted and shared.

Lifeguard Uniforms – Lifeguard Apparel – Lifeguard Boardshorts – Lifeguard Visors – Lifeguard Gear – Lifeguard Shirts

Lifeguard Uniforms available for immediate shipping throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our uniform inventory includes Lifeguard Boardshorts, Lifeguard Shirts, Lifeguard Hats, and Lifeguard Jackets. And, we offer a variety of brands of lifeguard apparel.

One of our more popular brands is The Original Watermen. We also carry Adoretex, Dolfin, TYR and Kemp USA gear and apparel.

All uniform pieces are customizable and available in a variety of sizes and colors. Both the lifeguard shirts and shorts are available in a multitude of materials.

We have been working in the industry for over 20 years and have a staff with decades worth of lifeguard training experience and knowledge of the product side of the industry. This includes uniforms and other lifeguard gear and apparel.

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