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Lifeguarding Classes – The Advertising Price Is Right

How effective is the advertising platform associated with the brand of trainings offered by your company? Do the brands of training you offer even have an available national advertising platform? How effective is the platform in garnering registrations for your classes? This platform accepts lifeguarding class listings and other class types. Advertising course offerings on […]

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Lifeguard Uniforms

Lifeguard Uniforms designed by the Original Watermen are top quality and favorites of lifeguards.

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American Heart Association Announces it Will No Longer Use Distributors

American Heart Association recently made a public announcement that, beginning on July 1 of this year, they will start selling all AHA educational material directly will have long lasting impacts on many. In essence, this announcement means that American Heart Association’s three distributors have been eliminated from the AHA operation after June 30th of this […]

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Training Standards and Business

We, recently, posted a piece that included some information about quality assurance which you can find here. Given that we are approaching the summer season and are, already, in the height of the training and certification season, I thought I would circle back with this piece to focus on QA. Training Standards and Quality Training […]

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Lifeguards of Retirement Age

The Issue The aquatics industry is dealing with a relatively new issue. If you are an aquatics director or manager you know that it has become increasingly difficult to locate qualified lifeguarding candidates. Consequently, it has become near impossible to fully staff your facility. There seems to be no difference between year-round and seasonal facilities. […]

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Training Companies All the Same?

Training Companies and quality Training companies are not all the same. The quality of training, product or service the customer receives is not the same from one company to another. Of course, this is not unique to the health and safety industry. We all experience this each day with all types of professionals. The question […]

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