CPR Manikins

CPR Manikins

CPR Manikins are available for immediate shipping throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our CPR Manikin inventory includes Prestan, CPR Prompt, Laerdal, and Actar. And, we stock AED’s and AED Trainers.

Quality CPR Manikins

CPR has two component parts, chest compressions and ventilations. During CPR training, it is important to have access to quality CPR Manikins. They should be capable of providing the user with feedback about their compressions.

CPR Manikins

In addition to the newer aesthetic designs, the new models of CPR Manikins also have audio and visual feedback. These feedback devices help to quickly teach trainees proper compression depth, hand placement, and compression rates.

For instructors, it can be difficult to describe and demonstrate exactly how far or at what rate to compress the chest. Feedback devices on CPR Manikins help to alleviate this issue. And, at the end of the day, audio-visual feedback helps produce better life savers.

Audio Feedback

The medical science tells us that the most important part of CPR is quality chest compressions. Many of the manikins on the market today have a built in clicking noise that lets the user know when compressions are deep enough.

Visual Feedback

Complimenting the audio feedback, many manikins have visual indicators to help students learn proper technique for chest compressions.

  • LED indicators show students real-time feedback on both compression depth and rate
  • Correct anatomical structures help students find the proper location for compressions
  • Chest rise shows when proper rescue breaths are performed
  • Some manikins are linked to a tablet or computer to provide incredibly in-depth information to the student and the instructor
  • Some brands allow external feedback devices to be attached to older model of manikins turning them into feedback manikins. This may be a more economical alternative.

CPR Manikins

CPR Manikins. They are easy to keep clean and sterile and are always ready to use. And, we have dozens of accessories and replacement parts to ensure that you have access to everything to keep your manikins working for all of your courses!

AED Trainers

We have AED Trainers  All of our AED Trainers are inexpensive with superior quality. We carry WNL and Prestan AED Trainers.

CPR Masks

Browse the latest CPR face shields, CPR pocket masks, and CPR bag-valve masks. We carry multiple brands, multiple models, and both pediatric and adult masks.

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Actar – Prestan – CPR Prompt – AED Trainers – CPR – CPR Manikins – Laerdal

CPR Manikins are available for immediate shipping throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our equipment inventory includes Prestan, CPR Prompt, Laerdal, and Actar. And, we offer a variety of AED’s and AED Trainers.

One of our more popular brands is Philips. We also sell Defibtech, CardiacScience, Zoll, HeartSine, and many more.

All CPR Training Equipment is available. Equipment includes: manikins, AED Trainers, CPR pocket masks, bag valve masks, kneeling, and much more. All CPR training equipment is available with bulk discounts.

We have been working in the industry for over 20 years and have a staff with decades worth of CPR and lifeguard training experience and knowledge of the product side of the industry. This includes uniforms, CPR training gear, and other lifeguard gear and apparel.

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